5 Tips To Win Fantasy Basketball League

It’s the Fantasy Basketball season which makes it the best time to sharpen your skills about the game. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing it for a long time, improving your knowledge about the game and learning some strategies will help you to win the league. Here are some tips that can be useful.

1. Getting familiar with the site

You must first learn everything about the site.You should know the roster construction, scoring system, etc. The scoring system is somewhat different in the various sites. Getting familiar with the site can give you an edge over the others in the competition.

2. Focus on defense

It has been found that if a player has a commitment to defense then he will get more playing time. When picking up players, you should choose players who are committed to defense.

3. Keep information about injuries

In NBA, you must make full use of opportunities. Injuries can greatly impact the outcome of a fantasy basketball game. If a player gets injured, then his minutes are taken up by the other team members. So, whenever a player gets injured, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the backups. To keep yourself updated, you must continuously monitor the conditions of players throughout the league.

4. The pace of the game

The pace of the game means the number of possessions each team has in a game on average. If a team has more possessions, then that team will have a better chance of scoring.

5. Get the opinion of an expert

The Fantasy Basketball industry is growing. There are many experts out there who analyze each game and predict the outcome of a match. They can give you tips and strategies so that you have a better chance of winning.

You need to be patient when playing Fantasy Basketball. You need learn the game, know the strategies and get advice from the experts in order to increase your chance of winning.

Understanding Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball has become widely popular in the nineties. Until now, the excitement and popularity of this game has never fizzled. Though it has a strong resemblance to fantasy baseball, general managers (term used for players of fantasy basketball) can still get confused with the game. Choosing your draft from the professional NBA players and earning points based on their performance could be a hard feat.

You have to understand the basics of the game for you to become a successful fantasy basketball player. Below are some of the things that you should know.

Rule Variations

Fantasy basketball is not based on a specific set of rules. As a matter of fact, there are several rule variations of the game. Below are some of the most common ones.

Number of Categories: There are around three to eleven categories in the fantasy basketball league. While three-category leagues take into account only three categories—assists, rebounds and points – five-category leagues take into account steals and blocks too and eight-category leagues include field-goal percentage, free-throw percentage and so on.

Number of Teams: There are usually either ten or twelve teams in a public fantasy basketball league. Private invitation-only leagues, on the other hand, can have any number of players. These leagues are created by seasoned fantasy basketball players.

Draft Types: There are two methods of drafting players – the snake draft and the auction draft.

Snake Draft – The first round of NBA players is drafted in a particular order then it is reversed in the second round. The general manager that picked last in the previous round will be the first to make a pick on the next round. The order is reversed so that the GM who gets the chance to make the first pick in a certain round will not get this advantage in the next round.

Auction Draft – Just like with fantasy baseball, GMs start with a pre-determined budget in auction draft. He must use this budget to draft his entire roster. The GM that is willing to pay the biggest amount of money for a certain player gets to draft the player.

Though auction drafting gives GMs an equal access to all players, it may take long and could potentially intimidate beginners.

How Players Score Points

Below are some methods on how points are awarded to fantasy basketball players.

Rotisserie or ROTO – The real statistics of NBA players are used to rank teams in the ROTO scoring system.  Fantasy basketball teams are then awarded points on the basis of these rankings. For example, in a 12-twelve team fantasy basketball league, the team with the largest number of rebounds per season would receive 12 fantasy points while 11 points will be given to the team that has the next bigger number.  The team that has the largest number of fantasy points at the end of the season will be declared as the winner.

Head-to-head Scoring – Fantasy basketball teams are competing against other teams for one week and points are based on the one-field performance of the NBA player. Whoever accumulates the largest number of points by the end of the week is the winner.

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Top 3 Sleepers to Watch Out For

With a lot of exceptionally great basketball players nowadays, fantasy basketball fanatics are having a hard time choosing their list. With so many choices to select from, creating your team can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

Though you should build your list based on reliable players who have been proven to perform great at the game, you should also not dismiss the sleepers since the later rounds of your fantasy draft are also crucial.

Below are three sleepers who are more likely to outperform their expected draft position.

  1. Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic 

It was after the All-Star break in 2016-17 that the breakout of Gordon has started. In that period, he made 6.2 rebounds, 16.4 points, 1.0 steals, 1.7 assists, and 0.7 blocks per game on 50.3 percent shooting from the field and 83.8 percent from the free-throw line. There is no doubt that this 22-year-old forward can top these numbers in 2017-18, especially now that he’s been established as a 4. His preseason was exceptional too, with 27.8 points and 11.2 rebounds on great shooting efficiency per -36 minute numbers.

Probably one of the remarkable developments in the game of Gordon is his three-point shot. Despite playing limited minutes in four of Magic’s five-game preseason slate, he still managed to go 9-of-2. This made him a reliable contributor in the world of fantasy basketball. Given the unexpected change in his status, he’ll be a restricted free agent next summer. This could be a big motivation for him to post breakout seasons

  1. Dennis Schroder, Atlanta Hawks 

Schroder is by far the No. 1 offensive option on the rebuilding Hawks.This 24-year-old floor general has impressed many basketball fans with his strong numbers in several raw statistical categories in preseason, with averages of 4.6 rebounds, 23.0 points and 5.4 assists per 36 minutes. Another hint of a massive workload this season is his attempt to get 22.6 shots per 36 minutes.

There are only several players who can put a significant dent in the production of Schroder. Those who are more likely to play the most minutes outside of Schroder are Kent Bazemore, Taurean Prince, Ersan Ilyasova and Dewayne Dedmon.

Schroder has his share of weakness in fantasy basketball too, he could have high turnovers and he’ll be a negative in the field-goal percentage and block categories. However, he’s definitely a great sleeper at No. 51 for his huge offensive roles and lots of minutes.

  1. Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz

Favors had an unforgettable 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. He was a fringe All-Star player who put up efficient 16-8 stat lines and made an impressive contribution in several categories.

He served as a solid backup man last season because of his knee injury and several issues. However the 26-year-old forward shows all good signs for a starting role in 2017-18. He made fantastic across-the-board stats during the preseason, 3.2 assists, 15.5 points, 1.4 blocks, 9.4 rebounds, and 2.2 steals per 36 minutes on 55.6 percent shooting from the field.

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